They say,” Kindness is free, Sprinkle it everywhere! “

The income generated from the store is utilized to conduct small charity events and helping the underprivileged. This gives us the right definition of a social enterprise. So the thrift culture that Sukhawati has initiated not only helps the poor to get the best prelove items at affordable price but also in a way utilize the earned money for a good cause. Since its primitive years, store has been conducting many supporting programs which has helped many vulnerable children, disabled, women and also youths. Some charity events conducted so far: -


    1. On 2015 October we distributed 2 pairs of school uniforms each and food ration to 25 children in New Children Homes, Hattigauda.
    2. On 2015 December, we conducted food feeding program and supported school bags to 25 children of New Children Home. New Children Home, an orphanage in Hattigauda is a home to many children who has lost their parents. Sukhawati store has been supporting this orphanage since its foundation.
    3. On 2016 on the occasion of Children’s Day a nutritious food feeding program was held at New Children Home involving 30 plus participants and also supported basic food materials.
    4. On 21 February 2016 we provided school bags, stationery items, sports equipment (football, volleyball, skipping ropes & badminton sets) to 42 students of Sahabir Lower Secondary School, Humlek, Bhirkot VDC at Tanahu district. This was only possible with the financial support of some individual donors form Nepal and UK.
    5. On 2016 we distributed jackets to 21 children at Barbote, Illam, who were mentally disabled.
    6. On 2016 we distributed clothes and stationeries to 16 children at “ASHA KO PAHILO KIRAN” child center,Tokha.
    7. On 2016 we supported food materials to “UNITED SOCIETY NEPAL “ Manumaiju which is an orphanage that provides care, support ad protection to children of victims during war.
    8. On February 2017 we funded scholarships, school stationery, and food relief with support of Warrior Football Club, Hounslow,UK to 20 children of  “HELPLESS CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE “ , an orphanage at Hakku, Rasuwa that provides education and shelter to children who have lost their parents during earthquake,2015  massive earthquake.
    9. On 2017, we have distributed 21 “Tracksuits and uniform” to the students of Sahabir Nibami at Rishing VDC,bhirkot-4 Ghumlek,Tanahun .
    10. On 2017 we supported the requested items; rice cooker, water filter and chocolates to children at “DISABLED CHILD CENTRE” Barbote , Illam through the coordination of Cloth Bank Illam.
    11. On 2017 we organized a food feeding program with birthday celebration of Ms Sushita Gurung , who funded the entire program ,at New Children Home Hattigauda.
    12. “MONSOON RELIEF 2018” On 2018 we supported 350 umbrellas to students of Bhagwati Medium School, Dhuseni-5 , Illam and toys , books and stationeries to  Disabled Child Centre,Barbote, Illam.
    13. On November 2018 in loving memory of ex-chairman, Mr Mind Moktan , we supported two double decker bed  with mattresses and pillows to New Children Home.
    14. On 2019 May food feeding program and birthday celebration of Ms Samaira was organized at Bhansighat Community Center, which is a learning center for slum children in Teku area. There was total 50 plus participants.
    15. On 2019 we supported two wheelchairs and food ration twice at Asirbad Asram , an oldage home at Samakushi ward no 26.
    16. A fund raised, about Rs 5000 was supported to TRINETRA FOUNDATION (an organization that cares for blind children) by selling their donated old items, on April 2019 and February 2020.
    17. On 2019 July a free Haircut Event was organized by Sukhawati Store in collaboration with the New Barber, Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant in Bhansighat Slum Center, which is home for many squatters living in the bank of Bagmati River. Altogether there were 35 participants benefited from the Event.
    18. On September 2019 we conducted a distribution program “HAMRO PANI DASHAIN “with coordination of Laxmi Foundation where we distributed bags, jackets and food relief for two month to 30 Chepang Children of Kanda village,Chitwan.
    19. On September 2020 we co organize an event “traffic police appreciation “with Aiesec Nepal where we reached 50 different locations and thanked 100+ traffic police.
    20. On 2020 October we conducted Hamro Pani Dashain event where we distributed food relief and cash grant to 35 beneficiaries. All people were daily wage workers suffering financially due to covid pandemic.
    21. On November 2020 we conducted a fundraising event “thrift sale by swastima “where we sold clothes of actress Swastima Khadka. The main purpose of the event was to raise fund to support education for a year to 10 children residing at Liwali settlements.
    22. On 2020 December we organized food relief program worth Rs 40000 at disable service center and kumar balram hostel, kavre with the financial support provided by Ms shreeju Shrestha.