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arjun giri


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Arjun Giri


Arjun Giri

Age: 10

Grade: UKG

School: Shree Mahendra Saraswati Sewa Basic School

Father's Name: Mahendra Giri

Mother's Name: Babita Giri

Mother's Occupation: Scrap Collector

Supported by Sukhawati Store: Since 2019

About the student/ Reason for Sponsorship:

Arjun is a young child who has lost his father, because of which his family is in very poor financial condition. His family is financially supported by his two sisters, one of whom is physically disabled and another who is still in her mid-teens. His 15-year-old sister works in the catering industry and has infrequent wages. What she earns is what his entire family lives on. He has great dedication to achieve and do great in his life. But due to the circumstances he is not able to achieve quality education. If given the opportunity to learn, he would be a dedicated student and achieve much in life.

Feedback from teachers: He is regular at the school and good in his studies. But every Friday he does not attend school. He has been been found many times begging in street.


Feedback from Community Center Teacher: He is good in his studies and knows the value of education in his life at this early age. However, he is unable to attend classes on Friday as he goes beg in front of Masjid every Friday for his family’s financial support.

 Aim/Hobbies: I love playing football.

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