Kushal Adhikari

kushal Adhikari


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Kushal Adhikari


Kushal Adhikari

Age: 9

Grade: 3

School: Vishwo Niketan School

Father's Name: Ram Hari Adhikari

Father's Occupation: Iron workshop Laborer

Mother's Name: Devi Neupane

Mother's Occupation: daily wages worker

Supported by Sukhawati Store: Since 2019


About the student/ Reason for Sponsorship:

He is a young child who has been emotionally affected by his family situation. His father went abroad to work and provide for their family but he has not been in contact and so Kushal and his mother have no idea where his father is or what has happened to him. Kushal has been brought up by his hardworking mother who works as a housekeeper/maid to provide for her child. He really enjoys the time he spends learning to read and write in Bansighat Community Center. He wants to go to school so that he can make something of himself. His mother has pledged to cover his school admission fees and stationary and has asked for assistance in buying books and uniform for the boy.

Feedback from teachers: He is regular at the school and trying his best to integrate into the school environment as he has just started his formal schooling at Viswa Niketan School since last year. If he continues to study in the same manner, he can upgrade his educational skill.

Feedback from Community Center Teacher: He is a regular at Community Center classes and is working very hard.

AIM: He aims to be a teacher after his study.

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