In order for the entire world to really become equal and eradicate poverty, it needs to start with good quality education. The accessibility7 of education in Nepal primarily depends upon affordability of the parents. Under privileged students go to community school having a poor quality whereas, parents who can afford send their children to schools that provide relatively higher quality education. Consequently, the vicious circle of poverty never ends due to lost opportunities and poor evaluation of under privileged students.

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

Since 2019 we have supported education along with school uniforms and other requirements to 6 children of Bhansighat learning Center, Teku. From 2020 added10 more children as there has been a tremendous negative impact in the education sector due to Covid 19. Hence many children are in the verge of leaving their education due to the financial condition. Besides that, we are also supporting Raj and Roja , two siblings who lost their guardians in massive earthquake 2015. We are supporting their living as well as education. Also in 2016 we supported a year scholarship to 20 students from Haku , Rasuwa ,who had lost their parents in earthquake.

On 2021 we supported education fund for a year to 10 children of Liwali Bhaktapur . They are victims of earthquake 2015, currently residing at Liwali settlements

With the financial aid of international and national donors Sukhawati Store has also built many temporary learning centers and schools.

  • On December 17,2017 Sukhawati Store built a temporary school with 6 classrooms and toilets for Shree Dulaleshor secondary school, Bhumlu, Dolalghat, Kavrepalanchowk with support of All my kids, Korea.


  • On 2015 after the massive earthquake affected many schools especially on rural parts of Nepal, Sukhawati Store raised fund from the national and international donors and was able to build temporary school” Bardevi Lower secondary school “with 8 classroom and toilets at Nuwakot. The store was also able to build another 6 room school building to Garwashi Secondary school, Nuwakot-2, Kakani.