Sukhawati Store Foundation

Sukhawati Store foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded on 2016 and registered under the act of Nepal Government. Sukhawati Store is a charity shop that works under the model of social enterprise. Sukhawati Store/Foundation could also be labelled as an implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of national donor, international donor agencies and the government. The word “Sukhawati “is derived from a Sanskrit word “Sukhavati “which means pure land of bliss /full of delight and in Nepali “k[0oe[ld” .Sukhawati Store aims to contribute to the ecological and eco-friendly changes in the society through the reuse and circulation of goods and support the underprivileged people ,contribute to the growth of citizen awareness and the development of grassroots communities.

Every day ¾ of our clothes end up in landfill and 95% of them can be reused or recycled. Nepal has hardly any recycling and up cycling centers and only fewer people promote practice of sustainable products. The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. in the world.

Sukhawati store, a charity shop /thrift store was first initiated since 2014 with the guidance of Chijman gurung (founder) and a group of energetic and dedicated housewives. At first we collected 155 kg of clothes within ourselves and our friend circles. We were concerned about the waste caused by unwanted clothes and items in our homes. Our main motive was to encourage Nepalese people the culture of sharing. Following the notion “एक को बेकार अर्कोको सरोकार “we wanted to help needy people by selling clothes in very nominal price: Rs 10, Rs 30, Rs 50 and conduct charity programs with the earned amount. We started our work from one of our member’s garage by sorting clothes and making paper bags. With this mindset, on 2015 we began displaying clothes at streets of Basundara and New bus park and was able to earn a good sum: Rs 6000-7000 per day. We also organized many street sale during festivals at tudhikhel. Sooner we received good response from customers and realized that, there are more number of people who can’t afford to buy clothes. We rented our first shop at Mhaipi Samakushi at Rs 7000 per month and average income was 300-500 per day then. After that we shifted to many better locations and our services kept improving. Today our store is located at Samakushi Townplanning, Kathmandu and average daily sales is Rs 5000-6000.Our customers and donors have also increased widely compared to last five years. There have been many challenges faced since its foundation. People are still not used to wearing second hand clothes. However, we believe, we have succeeded in changing the thinking of our customers and donors along with time.