Sukhawati store is a thrift store based in Kathmandu. It is not like your everyday kind of store but a very special place for the people who wants to practice sharing. Here, the donated goods awaits new owner. So many memories and stories are sent, sometimes in form of preloved clothes or sometimes, a household item. Each of them are donated by people with a mindful thought to help their neighbors in need. So when you purchase an item from Sukhawati store, you not only get it at most reasonable price but ultimately contribute in preserving the planet and involving with us in sharing happiness, by helping the underprivileged. Every items, therefore is valuable and cherished because they hold owner`s love and history and now another owner can look after them and add their own stories. .
“No one has ever gone poor by giving”, so the shop inspires people to donate their unwanted goods. Giving away those goods not only reduce unnecessary junk in the houses but contributes for people and planet. We believe every penny earned, every item donated and every hour a volunteer contributes, brings a beautiful change.