सुखि, स्वच्छ्, र सुन्दर संसारको निर्माण
To build a beautiful community with fairness and happiness.


गरिबी न्युनिकरण , वातावरण संरक्षण र रोजगारी सृजनाको निमित्त दिगो रुपमा सामाजिक उधम संचालन गर्ने ।

To operate a Social enterprise for Poverty reduction, environment conservation and employment opportunities in society.


  1. To promote environment protection through practice of 3 R (recycle, reuse and reduce)
  2. To create employment opportunities.
  3. To Support sustainable livelihood
  4. To promote child development through education.
  5. To promote women and youth empowerment.
  6. To support disaster relief