Sukhawati Store Foundation

Sukhawati Store foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded on 2016 and registered under the act of Nepal Government. Sukhawati Store is a charity shop that works under the model of social enterprise. Sukhawati Store/Foundation could also be labelled as an implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of national donor, international donor agencies and the government. The word “Sukhawati “is derived from a Sanskrit word “Sukhavati “which means pure land of bliss /full of delight and in Nepali “k[0oe[ld” .Sukhawati Store aims to contribute to the ecological and eco-friendly changes in the society through the reuse and circulation of goods and support the underprivileged people ,contribute to the growth of citizen awareness and the development of grassroots communities.

The logo of Sukhawati store includes a symbol of heart, leaf and people.




 We extend the life of the world through sharing and circulation. Our ultimate vision is to create a land with pure bliss, a world where everyone is happy. Everything in the world can live when it is circulated. We repay in the form of kindness and supporting hands to people in need.


“We see the world through the eyes of relationship.  “Sukhawati store encourages people to support and help one another in need. “One’s trash is another treasure.” When you donate your unwanted goods which may be useless to you, can eventually become useful to other person.


It is our joint responsibility to protect and preserve the environment together. When you donate or shop at our store, you not only help the community, you also help to protect the planet.


We collect second hand goods (clothes, shoes, bags, books household items) from donors and later those goods are sorted, washed, repaired properly. Some of them are sold at shop and rest of them are used in recycling and upcycling products. The income generated from the shop is further utilized in conducting small charity programs, funding child scholarships, providing job opportunities etc. Therefore, with a clear motive to preserve the environment Sukhawati store collects second hand goods which will somehow contribute in minimizing the solid waste related problem in Kathmandu. Besides that, we want to encourage the sharing and helping culture within ourselves “नेपाल को लागी नेपाली “.